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Advanced Ceramic Materials

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Apr 10, 2017

Advanced ceramic materials


Advanced ceramic materials are generally divided into structural ceramics, ceramic-based composite materials and functional ceramics three categories


Advanced ceramic materials is an important part of new materials, widely used in communications, electronics, aviation, aerospace, military and other high-tech fields, information and communication technology has an important application. Most of the functional ceramics in the electronics industry is widely used, often referred to as electronic ceramic materials. Such as ceramic insulating materials for making chips, ceramic substrate materials, ceramic encapsulating materials, and capacitor ceramics for manufacturing electronic devices, piezoelectric ceramics, ferrite magnetic materials, and the like. Electronic technology, large-scale integrated technology circuit, can not be separated from piezoelectric, ferroelectric and magnetic ceramics; electronic computer memory system requires a square hysteresis loop ferromagnetic ceramic; high-speed hard disk rotation system requires ceramic bearings; rockets and missiles , The nasal cone and the through-wave ceramic radome are the key components, it is to withstand the high temperature air friction and erosion, requiring the material with high temperature strength and good oxidation resistance, only ceramic materials to meet these requirements; as a new Energy of the magnetic fluid generator, need to use ceramic electrode material; high temperature fuel cell, high energy battery, need to use ceramic ion conductor to do the diaphragm material and so on.


At present, advanced ceramics has formed a huge high-tech industry. The world's advanced ceramic products sales totaled more than 30 billion US dollars, and annual growth rate of more than l0%. The United States and Japan are leading the way in this field. Advanced ceramic materials play an increasingly important role in high-tech industry, traditional industry transformation and national defense industry because of its excellent high temperature mechanical properties and unique light, sound, electricity, magnetic, thermal or functional compound effects.

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