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Advanced Ceramics In Constant Increase

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2017

Advanced Ceramics Now the use of ceramic tableware in the growing crowd, its production enterprises are also increasing, in the competition so exciting market, to gain a foothold, we should increase the technological innovation. Now the domestic can be the grade of the Bone China, which has also caused the blind to the current trend of bone porcelain chasing.

In fact, the international high-grade porcelain is a lot, bone china is only one of them. Gao Shiying porcelain, reinforcing porcelain, talc and so on can reach high grade level, such as the increase of antibacterial porcelain, self-cleaning porcelain, health porcelain and other products, Advanced Ceramics multi-layer decoration can also greatly improve the grades of ceramic tableware.

In addition, we should strengthen and popularize the standardization and commercialization of raw materials. At present, the foreign ceramics factory basically no raw material Advanced Ceramics workshop. They used raw materials from clay quartz, feldspar to billet, oil in the raw materials factory production, and then supply ceramic factory. This ensures that the chemical constituents of raw materials are relatively stable, grain gradation stability and mineral composition stability.

With the improvement of living standards of the people and the development of tourism, people not only emphasize the practicality of ceramic products, but also have higher Advanced Ceramics requirements from the grades, according to the relevant information, the domestic advanced hotels, restaurants and other units, the demand for ceramic tableware increased year. The current demand for daily porcelain market has a remarkable change is the major hotels, Advanced Ceramics restaurants, especially the stars in the unit gradually used the domestic high-end porcelain substitute imports. Therefore, the domestic market in high-grade ceramic tableware product demand bullish.

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