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Advanced Ceramics The Impact Of

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 06, 2017

Advanced Ceramics This year, under the central "eight provisions" of the impact of high-end catering industry down the road, many hotels face the plight of closing. Advanced Ceramics The main face of the hotel tableware and high consumption of high-end ceramic tableware manufacturers are also greatly affected. So, Advanced Ceramics how to adjust the idea of ceramic enterprises to better adapt to consumer products to seize market share?

High-grade ceramic tableware, such as bone china, because of its smooth, such as jade, light transmittance, itself is relatively lightweight, texture quality or high price, Advanced Ceramics generally as a business gift. Some upscale hotels are also used as tableware. However, Advanced Ceramics the impact of the policy, whether it is the hotel or gift sales are not good. In this respect, a bone china business owner said: The company has begun to make adjustments, no longer blindly only the development of high-grade ceramic tableware, Advanced Ceramics now began to produce some more civilian but the quality is not bad and looks like a grade products. But adjustment is a long and arduous process that requires patience and detailed planning, not only with determination.

However, there are also enterprises believe that high-end consumption has its own consumption of people and markets, can not blindly do the adjustment, Advanced Ceramics the need is to strengthen their own product line, Advanced Ceramics adhere to product quality, I believe that after the crisis, the market share will be able to further improve. The most important thing now is how to get through the temporary dilemma.

From the general trend of development, high-end tableware is the inevitable trend of civilians, after all, now people are no longer blindly the pursuit of price to highlight their own value, Advanced Ceramics but more practical choice of high cost-effective products. Coupled with the elusive policy of the future, perhaps a timely adjustment is safer and more secure than watching the changes.

Now the use of ceramic tableware in the increasing number of people, its production enterprises are also increasing in the competition so that the market, Advanced Ceramics in order to gain a foothold, Advanced Ceramics we must increase technological innovation. Now the domestic can be on the level of bone china, which also caused the current all over the blind bone china chasing the trend.

In fact, the international high-grade porcelain is a lot, bone china is just one of them. Gao Shiying porcelain, reinforced porcelain, talc porcelain, etc. Advanced Ceramics can reach high-grade level, such as adding anti-bacterial porcelain, self-cleaning porcelain, health care porcelain products, multi-layer decoration can also greatly improve the grade of ceramic tableware.

In addition, we should strengthen and popularize the standardization and commercialization of raw materials. At present, the foreign ceramic factory basically has no material workshop. Their raw materials from clay quartz, feldspar to billet, oil are produced in the raw materials factory, and then to the ceramic factory. This ensures that the chemical composition of the raw materials is relatively stable, the particle gradation is stable and the mineral composition is stable.

With the improvement of the living standard of the people and the development of the tourism industry, people not only emphasize its practicality, but also have higher requirements from the grade, according to the relevant information, the demand of the ceramic tableware has increased year by year in the domestic advanced hotels, restaurants and other units. At present, the significant changes in the demand market for daily-use porcelain are the major hotels, restaurants, especially the star-grade units gradually using domestic high-grade porcelain instead of imported porcelain. Therefore, the domestic market on high-grade ceramic tableware products demand.

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