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Alumina ball ceramic additives business trends and outlook

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

With the development of the ceramic industry, ceramic additives is also growing, mainly reflected in three aspects: First, a broader range of applications, involving almost all areas of ceramic production; Second, features more complete; third is the technological content of products continue improve it and fine chemicals, nanotechnology combined, grade and quality of its products has increased significantly. The world of chemicals industry were given a high importance, ceramic additives in ceramics enterprises, especially new additives for improving product quality, increase production and reduce energy consumption will play a huge role. According to the preparation and application of domestic and foreign ceramic additive data, combined with the status quo of China's ceramic industry, we need to pay special attention to the work of the following aspects: ① the in-depth study of the mechanism of ceramic additives; ② the design and development of new ceramic additives; ③ the development of new surfactants; ④ attention applications of water-soluble polymer materials; ⑤ focus on the principles and technical research recipes; ⑥ development on the environment pollution-free green chemicals.
4 The high whiteness, not affect the color of the material to be polished.
5 The product is made of high industrial production, environmental protection, science and technology, effectively promote scientific and technological progress.

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