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Application Of Advanced Ceramic Materials In Automobiles

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2017

Application of advanced ceramic materials in automobiles

For the automotive industry, the use of special materials to build cars is nothing new, manufacturers have already used carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium and other materials to decorate the avantgarde fashion high-performance cars. But isn't ceramic used for fine porcelain and sanitary ware?

This car is the one and only the ceramic version of the Bugatti Veyron supercar maker platinum Coupe is a French Bugatti and Berlin Royal porcelain factory last year launched a joint construction. It adopts ceramic material for automobile, fuel tank cap, and vehicle wheel cover parts made of special materials. It consists of a 8 liter W16 engine to provide power, produces 1000 horsepower, with full power, speed from 0 up to 62 miles (about 100 km) in just 2.5 seconds, the maximum speed of up to 253 miles (about 407 km), the factory price of 1 million 600 thousand pounds. I really worry about hearing compulsive crash sound, it doesn't have to worry about others is not pengci......

Application of ceramics in automobile engines

The new type of ceramics is sintered from inorganic non - metals such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride. It is more than three times the strength of alumina ceramics and can withstand high temperatures above 1000 degrees celsius. To reduce the fuel consumption of diesel engine by more than 30%, the new type of ceramic is indispensable. In the gasoline engine, about 78% of the combustion energy is lost in the heat and heat transfer. The thermal efficiency of the diesel engine is 33%, which is superior to that of the gasoline engine. However, more than 60% of the heat energy is lost.

Therefore, to reduce the loss of this part, ceramic material with good heat insulation performance of the combustion chamber surrounded by insulating, and then use the exhaust gas turbocharger and power turbine exhaust energy recovery, a test proves that this can make the thermal efficiency is improved to 48%. At the same time, due to the use of new ceramics, it is possible for diesel engines to start at an instant speed. With a new type of ceramic turbocharger, it has better heat resistance than today's superalloys, while only about 1/3 of the metal turbine is in the specific gravity. Therefore, a new type of ceramic turbine can compensate for the low dynamic response of metal turbines.

Application of special sensitive ceramics in automotive sensors

The sensor requirements for automobile is long for automotive special harsh environment (high temperature, low temperature, vibration, acceleration, humidity, noise, exhaust), and should have small volume, good repeatability, wide range of output characteristics. Ceramic heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance and its potential for excellent electromagnetic and optical properties, in recent years, with the development of manufacturing technology and full use of sensor made of sensitive ceramic materials can meet the above requirements.

Application of ceramics in automobile brake

Ceramic brakes are made on the basis of carbon fiber brakes. A carbon fiber brake disc was originally composed of carbon fiber and resin, it is pressing machine, after heating, carbonization, heating and cooling for some operations made of ceramic brake, the surface hardness of carbon silicon compound ceramic brake disc close to diamond, carbon fiber structure in making it strong impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Let the disc is extremely wear-resistant. At present, such technology, in addition to F1 racing applications, in the super civil sports car also involved.

Application of ceramics in automobile shock absorber

The vibration damping device of high grade car is a kind of intelligent shock absorber which is developed by utilizing the positive piezoelectric effect, the converse piezoelectric effect and the electrostrictive effect of sensitive ceramics. Due to the adoption of high sensitivity ceramic components, the vibration absorber has the function of identifying the road surface and being capable of self regulating, and the vibration of the rough road surface can be reduced to a minimum.

Application of ceramic material in automobile spraying technology

In recent years, ceramic membrane spraying technology, which is widely used in aerospace technology, has been applied to automobiles. The advantages of this technology are good insulation effect, high temperature and high pressure, mature process and stable quality. In order to achieve the goal of low heat dissipation, a ceramic spray can be applied to the combustion chamber parts of the engine, such as zirconia with piston top spraying and zirconium oxide sprayed by the cylinder liner. The engine can reduce heat loss, reduce engine mass, reduce engine size, and reduce fuel consumption.

In a word, special ceramic is a kind of ceramic material which is being developed constantly. But there are many problems to be solved, such as raw material preparation, material evaluation and utilization technology and so on. At present, special ceramics are not widely used in automotive, one of the main reasons are: the complicated manufacturing process, high requirements for special ceramics; requirements for raw materials, strict process is difficult to grasp, the performance of each batch of products is difficult to maintain uniform; high cost, poor processability, high brittleness and poor use reliability. However, there is good reason to believe, along with the rapid development of science and technology, in the future of the automobile manufacturing industry will have a special ceramic, more intelligent ceramic products is introduced and used to the car, and it will be widely used in automobile production.

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