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Can You Share The Traditional Ceramic And Advanced Ceramics?

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 16, 2017

Can you share the traditional ceramic and advanced ceramics?

First, the traditional ceramic VS advanced ceramics: raw materials

Traditional ceramics to natural minerals as raw materials, mainly natural silicate minerals, such as porcelain stone, clay, feldspar, quartz sand and so on.

Advanced ceramics to artificial refined synthetic materials mainly from the clay to expand the traditional raw materials to chemical raw materials, synthetic minerals, and even non-silicate, non-oxide raw materials.

Second, the traditional ceramic VS advanced ceramics: ingredients

The composition of the traditional ceramic is determined by the composition of the clay, so the ceramic of the different origin and the furnace has a different texture.

Advanced ceramic raw materials are compounds, the composition determined by the artificial ratio, the nature of the merits of the raw material by the purity and process decisions.

Third, the traditional ceramic VS advanced ceramics: process

Traditional ceramic by the crushing, grinding, reconcile, shaping, drying, calcination and other traditional craft made of. To grouting, plastic molding, sintering temperature is generally below 1350 degrees Celsius, fuel to coal-based gas, without precise temperature control. Generally do not need processing.

Into the ceramic using precision control of the advanced process sintering, structural ceramics to be more than 1600 degrees Celsius, functional ceramics to be precise temperature control. Multi-purpose isostatic pressing, injection molding, vapor deposition, vacuum sintering, hot pressing, reactive sintering and other advanced means. Need cutting, drilling, grinding and polishing and other processing technology.

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