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Ceramic industry into the second stage of rapid growth

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Miao Bin revealed that in 2013 the national export of ceramic tiles for 1.15 billion square meters, an increase of 5.3% compared to 2012, exports $ 7.89 billion, an increase of 24.3%; export average unit price of $ 6.88 / square meters, compared to 2012 price increase of 17.6%.
Production and export growth also contributed to the effectiveness of the industry increased significantly. It is reported that the country's main business income of more than 1,400 ceramic enterprises in 2013 was 383.1 billion yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 17.43 percent, an increase of 24.55 percent profit is worth noting that the ceramic industry profit growth in 2013 exceeded the growth rate of production. Miao Bin believes that this shows the industry enterprises has been significant progress in terms of product quality and business efficiency.
2014 ceramic industry into the second stage of rapid growth
Industry into the second stage of rapid growth
Since 2004 production of building ceramics industry to achieve double-digit growth, this rapid growth has continued into 2011. From the beginning of 2012, industry production fell to single digits, while annual growth of 7.8% in 2013, still remains in the single digits. Miao Bin believes that the development industry has entered the high-growth phase to the second phase of rapid growth.
Despite the industry slowdown, but in 2013 the entire domestic ceramic industry sales preached a popular trend. In this regard, Miao Bin think, thanks to the real estate boom, largely driven by the development of the ceramic industry.
From the development of regional industrial point of view, according to Miao Bin, growth rate was significantly higher than the central region of the pace of development in eastern coastal areas, "With the rise in recent years, central and western regions, as well as improving people's living standards Midwest Speed accelerate the Midwest nearly two years of investment growth significantly higher than the eastern seaboard. "
On the export side, Miao Bin said that in 2013 the average export price of ceramic products reached double-digit rise, it also shows that China's ceramic exports have been to mid-range product transition from the previous low-end products, "In fact this inflection point in 2011 on have begun to appear. "
In fact, not only export market began to shift to mid-range products, the domestic market also began to brand, high-end development, industry, corporate brand even more prominent. According to Miao Bin, in a survey of the association, most brands are higher than corporate profit growth average growth rate of the industry.
"In the market in 2013, the channel sink was evident, the regional agency was gradually flattening direction." Deputy Secretary-General of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association Yin Hong, from the overall development of the industry, the concentration of the brand, the more to higher polarization and industry trends more obvious, high-end market and low-end market also have a very broad space for development.
Yin Hong, said that from 2013 each ceramic brand sales point of view, the project total corporate sales channels in the proportion is gradually improving, with the full implementation of the real estate business hardcover, hardcover room in the proportion of commercial housing will gradually increase, which a new change would also make ceramic enterprises to adjust sales strategy, vigorously develop the project channels.
Capacity increased by industry competition
2013 hot ceramic industry market, which also led to the development of ceramic industry upstream industry. It is reported that in 2013, only Keda Industrial Co., Ltd. and Foshan HENGLITAI Machinery Co., Ltd. The two companies presses sold more than 1,000 units, sales of the entire industry is about 1300 units, which also means that in 2013 the industry add at least 200 production lines.
Yin Hong, said the 200 production line production capacity of approximately one billion square meters, if these products can all be released in 2014, then this indicates that each ceramic enterprises will face greater competition. He suggested that companies should not blindly build a new line this year, "If business development is good, and the production line in the following four, I suggest you can add one, so that the lowest scale industry."
The first half of 2014, the industry will continue to follow the development trend of the second half of 2013, while the second half of 2014, each manufacturer of ceramic tiles will probably be faced with intense market competition.
For 2014 the industry trend, perhaps only to face more intense competition, but also face the task of energy saving. Miao Bin said that at present, the country attaches great importance to environmental issues ceramic industry, ceramic industry can hope environmental standards on the basis of maintaining a healthy and stable development. "The state environmental protection more grasping the more stringent pollution in Beijing this year, slightly more than 200 companies will be fully shut down, in 2017 the cement companies will all move out of Beijing." Miao Bin said that the Ministry of superior leadership attaches great importance to environmental issues ceramic industry requires associations to consider ceramic enterprises during "Thirteen five" how to survive and develop.
From the national efforts in environmental protection point of view, the rise and fall of energy saving has been related to the survival of the industry and business, and how to achieve business transformation and upgrading, to the "two-oriented" enterprise transformation, will become particularly critical. Miao Bin said that enterprises must pay attention to environmental issues, the courage to invest in energy saving and emission reduction, by increasing value-added products, in order to achieve environmental protection and benefit of synch.

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