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Development Status Of Advanced Ceramic Materials Industry In China

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2017

Development status of advanced ceramic materials industry in China

From the beginning of 1950s, China began to study advanced ceramic materials from the research of alumina ceramic cutting tools. Beginning in 1960s engaged in the study of silicon carbide ceramics and piezoelectric ceramic, and ferroelectric ceramics; on 1960s started in the middle of silicon nitride and silicon carbide ceramics, and laid a good foundation for the study of China's advanced refractory materials in 1970s; with the leaping development of international advanced ceramics, many domestic universities and research institutes began to attach importance to the research of advanced ceramic materials, has made a series of innovative achievements. At the end of twentieth Century, China's originality of fiber reinforced ceramic matrix composite is applied to the strategic missile and the protection of various satellite antenna window frame, this is the first practical application of international fiber reinforced ceramic composites.

China's research and development and production of advanced ceramic materials in all fields, since the last century in 80s, with the development of ceramic parts in the engine as an opportunity to develop a series of new ceramic materials, and has made remarkable achievements in the application of advanced ceramics. The general structure of electronic ceramics and ceramics such as IC substrate, capacitor, resistor, inductor, magnetic materials, piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, filter pressure radio frequency components, aluminum porcelain, ceramic, electric vacuum porcelain, textile porcelain, fused quartz, fused corundum, in our country has been able to mass production. The product quality is stable, and occupy the international market. But most products still enhance their competitiveness with the price advantage, and further enhance the technical added value of products. In 1990, China developed a non water cooled ceramic engine installed in the bus, completed the Shanghai to Beijing from 3 to 500km road test. Many technologies represented by high temperature superconducting ceramics are among the world's most advanced in theoretical research and experimental level of cutting-edge high - tech ceramics.

Although considerable progress has been made in the development of China's advanced ceramics, advanced ceramics and the field of international leading countries from further reduced, but still lack the bulk, low cost and high efficiency preparation quality of advanced ceramic materials and advanced technology, equipment and management level. Most of our advanced ceramic materials are combined with national defense and national economy, and have independent technical characteristics. However, the current situation of the development of the advanced ceramics field in China, the domestic advanced ceramic materials in the various fields of application in general with the international developed countries there are obvious gaps, especially in terms of technology and industry, can not meet the requirements of the rapid development of the national economy. China's sales accounted for only 1 - 2% of the world's tens of billions of dollars worth of advanced ceramic annual sales. Therefore, the current world's most advanced high value-added advanced ceramic products, especially high-end equipment in a large number of ceramic components still need to import, such as mobile phone chip used in the piezoelectric ceramic filters, ceramic wind generator insulation bearing and high-end ultra-fine nano powder etc..

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