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Fire Protection System Alarm Device

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Fire alarm system, also known as fire automatic alarm system, which is triggered by the device, fire alarm device, linkage output device and has other auxiliary function device, it has in the early fire, the combustion of smoke, heat, flame, etc. Physical quantity, through the fire detector into electrical signals, transmission to the fire alarm controller, and also show the location of the fire, time, so that people can detect fire in a timely manner, and take timely and effective measures to extinguish the initial fire, the maximum Reducing the loss of life and property caused by fire is a powerful tool for people to fight against the fire.

The automatic fire alarm system is a fire alarm system consisting of a trigger device, a fire alarm device and a device with other auxiliary functions. It can be in the early stages of the fire, will burn the smoke, heat and light radiation and other physical quantities through the temperature. Smoke and light and other fire detectors into electrical signals, transmission to the fire alarm controller, and also show the location of the fire, record the time of the fire. General fire automatic alarm system and automatic sprinkler system, indoor fire hydrant system, smoke control system, ventilation system, air conditioning system, fire doors, fire shutter, smoke and other related equipment linked, automatic or manual issued instructions The corresponding device.

In the automatic fire alarm system, automatic or manual fire alarm signal device called the trigger, including fire detectors and manual fire alarm button. A fire detector is a device that responds to fire parameters (such as smoke, temperature, flame radiation, gas concentration, etc.) and automatically generates a fire alarm signal.

According to the different fire parameters, fire detectors are divided into five basic types: temperature fire detectors, smoke detectors, sensory fire detectors, combustible gas detectors and compound fire detectors. Different types of fire detectors are suitable for different types of fires and different places. Manual fire alarm button is a manual way to generate fire alarm signal, start the fire alarm system automatically, is also an automatic fire alarm system, one of the indispensable components.

Alarm device

In a fire automatic alarm system, a device for issuing a fire alarm signal different from ambient sound and light is called a fire alarm device. It sound, light sound to the alarm area to issue a fire alarm signal to warn people to take safe evacuation, fire and disaster relief measures.

controlling device

In the automatic fire alarm system, when the fire alarm received, can automatically or manually start the relevant fire equipment and display its status of the device, known as the fire control equipment. Mainly include fire alarm controller, automatic fire control system control device, indoor fire hydrant system control device, smoke and smoke control system and air conditioning and ventilation system control device, normally open fire doors, fire shutter control device, elevator back to the control Device, and fire emergency broadcast, fire alarm device, fire communication equipment, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs of control devices and other control devices in part or all. Fire control equipment is generally set in the fire control center, in order to implement centralized and unified control. And some fire control equipment is set in the scene where the fire control equipment is located, but the action signal must return to the fire control room, the implementation of centralized and decentralized combination of control.

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