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Fire Protection System Control Function

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 27, 2017

Fire emergency control system, fire emergency lighting and evacuation indicating system, smoke and smoke exhaust system, fire emergency control system, fire emergency lighting system, Fire Protection System fire control system, fire control system, fire control system, , Fire doors and shutter systems, fire hydrant systems, all kinds of fire extinguishing systems, fire communication systems, Fire Protection System elevators and other fire systems or equipment dynamic information.

Control the work status of the fire pump power supply, fire pump start and stop state and fault state, fire water tank (pool) water level, pipe network pressure alarm information

Spray fire pump power supply working state, start and stop state and fault status, Fire Protection System water flow indicator, signal valve, alarm valve, pressure switch normal state, action status.

The system of manual, automatic working conditions, smoke and smoke exhaust fan, smoke fire damper, normally closed air outlet, normally closed exhaust port, electric fire dampers, Fire Protection System electronic control smoke vertical wall of the state of action.

Fire shutter controller, fire door monitor working status and fault status, fire shutter and for the public evacuation of various types of fire doors, Fire Protection System such as working status and other dynamic information.

1, fire detection fire automatic alarm system line insulation resistance, grounding resistance, the system grounding, pipeline installation and protection of the situation;

2, fire detection fire detectors and manual alarm button settings, installation quality, protection radius and the distance between the surrounding shelter, Fire Protection System and according to the proportion of 30 to 50% of its alarm function;

3, the detection of fire alarm controller installation quality, cabinet wiring, protection grounding settings, the main and standby power supply settings and conversion functions, and the controller of the functional test;

4, the fire detection equipment control cabinet installation quality, Fire Protection System cabinet wiring, hand automatic control and screen to receive fire alarm signal feedback function;

5, the detection of the elevator landing function, Fire Protection System the use of fire elevator function, cut off the non-fire power function and the fire layer of light display;

6, the detection of fire control room,Fire Protection System the fire equipment and fire hydrant button at the fire communication function;

7, the detection of fire emergency broadcast sound function, manual selection and automatic broadcasting, remote control and forced to switch and other functions;

8, the detection of fire control room settings and obvious signs, indoor fire and unrelated pipeline settings, dual circuit power supply settings and switching functions;

9, the detection of fire emergency lighting and evacuation indication signs set, illumination, Fire Protection System conversion time and graphic symbols.

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