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Fire Protection System Features

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

1, Fire Protection System multi-storey buildings and high-rise industrial buildings at each level of each fire zone, when its ventilation, air conditioning system are set independently, Fire Protection System then the protection of fire within the district to send and return air horizontal duct and the junction of the junction can not Set fire valve;

2, fire accident lighting and evacuation signs can be used as a backup battery power supply, Fire Protection System but the continuous power supply time should not be less than 20min;

3, fire lighting should be set in the following closed staircase, Fire Protection System smoke staircase and its front room, fire elevator front room;

4, according to the provisions should be set up closed staircase or smoke staircase building evacuation walkway;

5, evacuation accident lighting, Fire Protection System the minimum illumination should not be less than 0.5lx. Fire control room, fire water pump room, own power plant lighting section, Fire Protection System should be connected to the fire distribution line;

6, scattered signs should be placed on the top of the Pacific Gate or evacuation walkway and its corner from the ground height of 1m below the wall, Fire Protection System the signs on the aisle should not be more than 20m.

7, the alarm area by fire area, Fire Protection System an alarm area can have several fire partition composition;

8, the automatic fire alarm system in the form of: centralized alarm system: regional alarm system; control alarm system (control center), a regional alarm controller can guard a number of floors (see product features) installation location from the ground 1.3-1.5 Meters, alarm telephone installation location 1.3-1.5 m;

9, the construction area of more than 500m underground stores should be set up automatic fire alarm device;

10, the independent set of fire control room, Fire Protection System the fire rating should not be lower than two. Using the fire resistance of not less than 3h partition and 2h of the floor, and with other parts of the separation and set out through the safety of outdoor exports;

11, the control room should be set to the following functions: to receive fire alarm, issued a fire sound, light signal, accident broadcast and safety evacuation instructions: control fire pumps, Fire Protection System fixed fire extinguishing devices, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electric fire doors, valves, Curtain, smoke and smoke facilities. Display power, fire elevator operation;

12, fire alarm button installed in the ground from the ground 1.5 meters;

13, the alarm line reserved for 100-200 mm length, tied into a bundle, + red - blue line

14, the alarm line laying should not have joints, knot, wire connector should be in the junction box with the terminal or welding connection (each terminal no more than 2), Fire Protection System inside and outside the box plus nut. Different voltage, current, different circuits, different systems, different types of lines can not be placed in the same trunking;

15, trunking every 1.5 meters hanger and bracket, hanging rod is not less than 6mm;

16, fire power should be dedicated power supply, Fire Protection System does not allow plug connector;

17, the control room to open the door to the direction of evacuation, allowing a return to the duct but should be added fire valve. It is strictly forbidden to pass through the electrical circuit, Fire Protection System leaving 1 meter channel and maintenance channel around the console;

18, the fire control function: control the fire equipment to open, close; fire pump, smoke, smoke fan switch; close the fire damper, stop air conditioning blower; display fire, fault alarm location; evacuation channel, Protection map (simulation, floor plan); display the status of fire power; equipped with fire alarm emergency broadcast control device;

19, the fire control state of the process: when the fire alarm; fire alarm system alarm; automatic fire extinguishing system start; indoor fire hydrant system start (fire pump start); power to switch (non-fire power failure, emergency fire power start), and Connected to the alarm device and emergency lighting device and evacuation indication lighting. Lift the elevator in the first floor, Fire Protection System the pressure blower start (outlet open), isolation system start (fire shutter down); fire door closed;

20, every fire partition at least set a manual fire alarm device, Fire Protection System two manual fire alarm device distance of not more than 30 meters, the installation location of 1.3-1.5 meters.

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