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Fire Protection System Function

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 10, 2017

1, fire detection fire automatic alarm system line insulation resistance, Fire Protection System grounding resistance, system grounding, pipeline installation and protection status;

2, fire detection fire detectors and manual alarm button settings, installation quality, protection radius and the distance from the surrounding, etc., Fire Protection System and according to the proportion of 30~50% sampling its alarm function;

3, the detection of Fire alarm controller installation quality, cabinet wiring, Fire Protection System protection grounding settings, the main standby power supply settings and the conversion function, and the controller of the functional testing;

4, fire detection equipment control cabinet installation quality, Fire Protection System cabinet wiring, hand, automatic control and screen surface to accept the signal feedback function of fire equipment;

5, the detection of the elevator landing function, Fire Protection System the use of fire-fighting elevator function, cut off the function of non-fire power and fire layer lighting display function;

6, the detection of fire control room, Fire Protection System the fire fighting equipment and fire hydrant button Department of the communication function;

7, the detection of fire Emergency Broadcast audio function, manual selection and automatic broadcast, remote control and forced switching functions;

8, the detection of fire control room settings and obvious signs, Fire Protection System indoor fire valve and unrelated pipeline settings, dual-loop power supply settings and switching function;

9, the detection of fire emergency lighting and evacuation signs of the setting, illuminance, conversion time and graphical symbols.

In the event of a fire, the detector transmits the fire signal to the alarm controller, displays it through the sound and light signal, and shows the location of the fire in the control Panel, Fire Protection System thus achieving the purpose of predicting the fire. At the same time, the manual alarm button can also be used to complete the function of manual alarm.

Hydrant system piping is full of pressurized water, such as the system has a trace of leakage, can rely on the regulator pump or regulator to maintain the system of water and pressure. When the fire, first open the hydrant box, according to the requirements of the interface, water belt, Fire Protection System will be the water gun at the source of fire, open fire hydrant valve, squirt gun immediately there is spray, press the hydrant button, through the hydrant to start the pump to the pipeline water supply.

When the system is in normal working condition, there is a certain pressure of water in the pipeline, when there is a fire, when the temperature reaches the close-type nozzle temperature, Fire Protection System the glass bubble breaks, sprinkler effluent, the water in the pipeline from static to dynamic, water indicator movement, signal transmission to the fire control center of the fire control cabinet alarm, Fire Protection System when the wet alarm device alarm, pressure switch action, through the control cabinet to start the sprinkler pump for the pipeline water supply, Fire Protection System complete the system fire extinguishing function.

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