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Fire Protection System Functional Test

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

1, multi-storey buildings and high-rise industrial buildings at each level of each fire zone, Fire Protection System when its ventilation, air conditioning system are set independently, then the protection of fire within the district to send and return air horizontal duct and the junction of the junction Set fire valve;

2, fire accident lighting and evacuation signs can be used as a backup battery power supply, Fire Protection System but the continuous power supply time should not be less than 20min;

3, fire lighting should be set in the following closed staircase, Fire Protection System smoke staircase and its front room, fire elevator front room;

4, according to the provisions should be set up closed staircase or smoke staircase building evacuation walkway;

5, evacuation accident lighting, the minimum illumination should not be less than 0.5lx. Fire Protection System Fire control room, fire water pump room, own power plant lighting section, should be connected to the fire distribution line;

6, scattered signs should be placed on the top of the Pacific Gate or evacuation walkway and its corner from the ground height of 1m below the wall, Fire Protection System the signs on the aisle should not be more than 20m.

1, maintenance content

(1) appearance detection. Testing indoor and outdoor fire hydrant water supply pipes, fire pool / water tank / regulator device, fire hydrant water gun and water, fire hydrant button, Fire Protection System fire pump and all kinds of pipe network valves are normal.

(2) fire pump start function test. In the pump control cabinet, fire center, on-site fire hydrant button to start the fire pump, check the fire pump start.

(3) simulate the actual water spray test. Connect the water gun, Fire Protection System get ready to work, start the test, check the water pressure and see if there is water leakage.

2, work plan

Quarterly testing once. The fire hydrant button is tested for the first and last time of the year, and the remaining 20% of the total is not repeatable.

The system is in normal working condition, the pipeline has a certain pressure of water, when a fire occurs, the fire temperature reaches the temperature of the closed nozzle, the glass bubble broken, Fire Protection System the nozzle water, the water in the pipeline from static to dynamic, Fire Protection System water flow instructions Operation, the signal transmission to the fire control center fire control cabinet alarm, when the wet alarm device alarm, pressure switch action, through the control cabinet to start the spray pump for the pipeline water supply, complete the system fire function.

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