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Fire Protection System Keep The System

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

Fire hydrant system piping is filled with pressure of water, such as the system has a trace of leakage, you can rely on the regulator pump or regulator tank to maintain the system of water and pressure. When the fire, first open the fire hydrant box, according to the requirements of a good interface, water, Fire Protection System the water gun at the fire, open the fire hydrant valve, water gun immediately water spray, press the fire hydrant button, through the fire hydrant to start the fire pump to the pipeline Water supply.

(1) open the fire hydrant valve without water

Reason: there may be leaks in the pipeline, so that the pipeline is anhydrous, Fire Protection System and the pressure gauge is damaged, the regulator system does not work.

Treatment: check the leak, pressure gauge, repair or install the regulator, so that the pipeline has water.

(2) Press the manual button, you can not start the fire pump

 Reason: manual button wiring loose, the button itself is damaged, Fire Protection System linkage control cabinet itself failure, fire pump start cabinet failure or wiring loose, fire pump itself failure.

Treatment: check the equipment wiring, the device itself device, check the pump itself electrical, mechanical parts of the fault and to exclude.

The system is in normal working condition, the pipeline has a certain pressure of water, when a fire occurs, the fire temperature reaches the temperature of the closed nozzle, Fire Protection System the glass bubble broken, nozzle water, the water in the pipeline from static to dynamic, Operation, the signal transmission to the fire control center fire control cabinet alarm, when the wet alarm device alarm, Fire Protection System pressure switch action, through the control cabinet to start the spray pump for the pipeline water supply, complete the system fire function.

(1) regulator device frequently started

 Reason: mainly for wet front of the alarm device has leaked, Fire Protection System there will be water or pieces of leakage or leakage, closed nozzle leakage, the end of the discharge device is not closed.

 Treatment: check the plumbing parts, nozzle and the end of the release device, find out the leak point for processing.

(2) The flow indicator does not report the signal after the water flow

 Reason: In addition to electrical lines and terminal pressure line problems, the main flow indicator itself, including the slurry does not move, the pulp damage, micro-switch damage, Fire Protection System dry spring contact burned, permanent magnet does not work.

 Treatment: Check the pulp is damaged or dead, Fire Protection System check the permanent magnet, reed switch and other devices.

(3) after the nozzle action or the end of the release device to open, linkage pump after the front pipe without water

 Reason: mainly for the wet alarm device butterfly valve does not move, Fire Protection System wet alarm device can not be water to the front pipe.

Treatment: Check the wet alarm device, mainly butterfly valve, Fire Protection System until the flexible flip, and then check the other parts of the wet device.

(4) linkage signal issued, spray pump does not move

Reason: possible control device and fire pump start cabinet wiring loose or device failure, Fire Protection System it may be spray pump itself mechanical failure.

Remedy: Check the connections and the pump itself. 

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