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Fire Protection System Refractory Stability

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Due to the particularity of the characteristics of the building itself, Fire Protection System high-rise building fire, the construction of fire fighting and rescue personnel within the building are mainly rely on their own fire evacuation facilities.

Fire doors are doors that meet the requirements for refractory stability, integrity and heat insulation for a certain period of time. It is located in the fire between the partition, Fire Protection System evacuation staircase, vertical shaft and so have a certain fire resistance of the fire separation. Fire doors in addition to the role of ordinary doors, but also to prevent the spread of fire and the role of the spread of smoke, Fire Protection System in a certain period of time to prevent the spread of the fire to ensure that personnel evacuation.

The fire door has a safety barrier that can block the fire smoke and has a certain refractory time. Fire Protection System Therefore, the fire door on the evacuation channel is normally closed. The door opening direction is opened in the evacuation direction and can be closed automatically after opening the door. If the personnel need to keep in and out of the open, Fire Protection System you should set up a fire when the closed doors closed. So usually try to keep the fire door normally closed state, do not arbitrarily destroyed.

In addition, if it is a double fan of the fire door, Fire Protection System should also be provided to ensure the order of the doors closed sequence device, to avoid the door closed due to lax and lead to the spread of flue gas or flames.

Fire shutter doors are in a certain period of time, together with the framework to meet the fire stability and integrity requirements of the shutter, Fire Protection System from the curtain, scroll, motor, rail, bracket, protective cover and control agencies and other components.

Fire shutter should be able to fire in the fire when the linkage or rely on their own weight drop. General fire shutter is the corresponding fire separation area. But in special circumstances, Fire Protection System the evacuation path may be set on the fire shutter, then the fall of the fire shutter should have a "two-step down" mechanism requirements:

(1) the first step, received a smoke alarm signal, Fire Protection System the drop from the ground height of 1.8m to ensure that the initial separation of the flue gas while allowing people to evacuate;

(2) the second step, received a temperature alarm signal, Fire Protection System that is already there is the risk of fire spread, and this time the curtain completely dropped to the ground.

Fire shutter and manual operation of the device to avoid accidents can not automatically fall or fall so that people have not yet evacuated can not escape. This includes manual operation of the fire shutter controller and mechanical emergency cable.

It should be noted that the fire shutter is usually not evacuated to consider the safe exit. Fire Protection System So everyone really in the evacuation time, Fire Protection System but also need to pay attention to the evacuation door to run ~ under normal circumstances there will be a corresponding logo, and suggested that whenever the large high-rise public buildings and other patterns of more complex places, Fire Protection System the first familiar with the corresponding Floor layout and evacuation routes.

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