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Fire Protection System Security Measures

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

   Indoor fire control system installed in the interior, to put out a fire occurs at the beginning of building up the system of facilities.It mainly include indoor fire hydrant system, automatic water spray fire control system, water mist fire extinguishing system and foam extinguishing system, carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system, the halon fire extinguishing system, the dry powder fire extinguishing system, etc.According to fire statistics data show that install indoor fire control system is effective and necessary safety measures.

Indoor fire hydrant system

Low and multi-storey building indoor fire hydrant water supply system, generally used to put out a fire at the beginning of building, put out the fire mainly rely on outdoor fire water system.More than 24 meters high buildings, very difficult to use general fire fire, and as a result, the indoor fire hydrant water supply system should have the ability to save the fire

Indoor fire hydrant box generally equipped with hoses, hose, etc.As the beginning of fire, nozzle flow generally by two spray water at the same time, each branch of the average water consumption is approximately calculated at five liters per second.High-rise building indoor fire water, generally calculated on outdoor fire water consumption;Highly in more than 50 meters of high-rise public building indoor fire water quantity should be greater than outdoor fire water.

The automatic sprinkler system

A fixed automatic fire extinguishing equipment.When a fire, the nozzle is heated to a certain temperature under the ceiling (generally is 72 ℃, 141 ℃ high temperature places) will automatic sprinkler.Nozzle has closed and open type two kinds: (1) automatic sprinkler.Room temperature rises to a certain temperature, automatic sprinkler controller will react (such as fusible alloy melting, or in the glass ball valve), open the spray nozzle sealing cover, sprinkler.(2) open nozzle.Spray nozzle is wide open.Installed in the pipeline on the control valve control.Fire control valve automatically opens, sprinkler sprinkler fire-extinguishing together in the system, so it is also called the rain system.General construction with automatic sprinkler;The upper stage, TV studio, and the place such as stack flammable goods warehouse, appropriate USES open nozzle.

Water mist fire extinguishing system

Saving electrical fire, oil, etc., can be used stationary water mist fire protection system.Fire by fire detector or manual control of spray nozzle jet spray, cooling, asphyxia and the role of emulsified oil, control and extinguish fire.

Foam extinguishing system

Foam extinguishing agent is mainly used to save oil and oil products such as oil fire.The extinguishing principle is: bubble will burn surface completely covered up, so not necessary to contact the combustion air;Bubble wrapped in water can also be the surface of the cooling oil.The current commonly used bubble has two kinds of air bubble and chemical foam.Air bubble is chemical foam, simple operation, easy management, fire extinguishing speed, low equipment cost, gradually replaced the chemical foam.Air foam system has two kinds of fixed and mobile.

Carbon dioxide extinguishing system

General with high pressure carbon dioxide into the high pressure vessel, with liquid storage, from the container is released by the fire and vaporizing around in the air.Carbon dioxide gas decrease concentration of oxygen in the air, smothering, absorbed by the heat of vaporization cooling fire extinguishing effect, too.Fire rapidly due to the system, not a corrosive action on metals, insulation performance is good, a trace after fire, so is suitable for the library, underground garage, transformer room, communication room closed.This system according to the set way points, stationary and mobile two kinds.

Halon fire extinguishing system

Fire extinguishing principle of halon fire extinguishing agent is mainly chemical inhibition effect to the combustion reaction, belongs to the low efficient fire extinguishing agent.This system in addition to the carbon dioxide extinguishing system has stable physical and chemical properties, and the advantages of high efficiency low pressure can be stored and extinguishing the fire.Setup method halon fire extinguishing system, starting with carbon dioxide extinguishing system is roughly same, applicable fire object is exactly the same.

Dry powder fire extinguishing system

The crystallization of dry powder fire extinguishing agent would be damaged under the action of a flame and fire extinguishing form new chemicals to suffocate.At the same time, the powder to a large amount of heat in the process of decomposition temperature drops rapidly, make fire area can make the liquid fuel and liquefied gas gasification rate drop, so as to control the fire.I was especially suitable for dry powder liquid fuels and liquefied gas caused by the fire.Dry powder fire extinguishing system startup mode: combined with fire detector automatic start and manual start two kinds.Compared with carbon dioxide extinguisher, dry powder extinguishing disadvantage is that the high cost of equipment, fire fighting after the aftermath of larger workload.

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