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Fire Protection System Water Supply System

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 18, 2017

Fire water supply and fire hydrant system technical specifications "GB 50974-2014 Article 4.1.3 provides that municipal water supply, fire pool, natural water can be used as fire water, and should adopt municipal water supply. Grain storage bank around the municipal water supply network, Fire Protection System and water pressure to meet the requirements, the municipal water supply should be used as fire water. However, the location of the grain reserves is often convenient to transport away from the urban areas, usually near the municipal water pipe network, or municipal pipe network diameter is smaller (small De110), can not meet the fire water pipe diameter requirements. Yunnan area of groundwater and spring water rich, you can consider the use of well water or spring water as a water source, but the water quality and water must meet the requirements. "Fire water supply and fire hydrant system technical specifications" GB 50974-2014 Article 4.1.1 provides that well water and other groundwater sources can be used as fire water. Fire Protection System Article 4.4.2 provides that the well water as a fire water to the fire water supply system direct water supply, the most unfavorable water level should meet the water pump requirements, the minimum outflow and pump head should meet the fire requirements. Article provides that when the well water as a fire water source, should also be set to detect the water level of the water level test device.

Fire water supply system has outdoor low pressure, Fire Protection System indoor high pressure or temporary high pressure water supply system, as well as indoor and outdoor high pressure system. Grain Reserve is relatively remote geographical location, municipal fire facilities are more backward. Combined with the years of Yunnan grain storage library design experience, Fire Protection System I believe that the use of indoor and foreign food reserves of high pressure system is more appropriate. Pro high pressure system, including fire water tank (pool), fire pump room, outdoor ring fire water supply pipe network and indoor fire water supply system. Fire Protection System To the flat warehouse-based grain reserves, generally no indoor fire water supply system, so you can not set a high fire water tank, only in the fire pump room set regulator pump, I designed the vast majority of Yunnan grain reserves are this form.

Outdoor fire water supply using temporary high pressure system, pipe network was arranged in a ring, and living with the water supply pipe network layout. In addition to grain storage, Fire Protection System the grain reserves include a number of production and living auxiliary buildings, which are small in size. The main areas of fire protection in the reservoir area are mainly food warehouses. Fire Protection System Fire fighting facilities are mainly outdoor fire hydrants. Typical outdoor fire water supply system process: water → fire water tank → fire pump room → reservoir area outdoor fire hydrant water pipe network → outdoor fire hydrant.

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