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Functional Ceramics More Functional

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Ceramic waste residue, waste sludge, municipal sludge, dredging mud, slag, Functional Ceramics cinder, fly ash and other solid waste as raw materials, supplemented by other raw materials to prepare functional porous ceramics. The functional ceramics prepared include: lightweight ceramic tiles with thermal and antifouling function, imitation soil ceramic tiles with plant cultivation function, sound absorbing ceramic tiles, Functional Ceramics absorbent ceramic tiles, permeable ceramic tiles and filter ceramics, ceramic microspheres and various kinds Porous ceramics and so on. Raw materials in the use of solid waste up to 30% or more (according to state regulations, waste use is greater than 30% of the enjoyable tax policy), up to 90% or more. Since most of the raw materials use solid waste, the production cost is low. The project technology and products are widely used in construction ceramics, Functional Ceramics sanitary ceramics, cement, metallurgy, mining, chemical, light industry, agriculture, gardens, environmental protection and urban construction and other fields.

A kind of hydraulic driven side of the powder metallurgy mold. The mold base includes a top plate 1, a bottom plate 7, an upper mold plate 2, a lower mold plate 3, Functional Ceramics an upper mold driving cylinder 10 and a lower mold driving cylinder 8. The upper mold driving cylinder 10 is provided on the side of the mold frame and one end is fixed to the bottom surface of the top plate 1 And the other end is connected to the upper mold plate 2. The lower mold driving cylinder 8 is provided on the side of the mold frame, one end is fixed on the top surface of the bottom plate 7 and the other end is connected to the lower mold plate 3. Functional Ceramics As shown in Fig. The present invention solves the problem that the overall height of the mold is increased, thereby optimizing the structure of the mold frame.

The new ceramic material has its unique superiority in performance. In the thermal and mechanical properties, there are high temperature, heat insulation, high hardness, wear resistance, etc .; in terms of electrical properties of insulation, piezoelectricity, semiconductor, magnetic, etc .;Functional Ceramics in the chemical catalysis, corrosion resistance, adsorption And other functions; in the biological aspects, with a certain biological compatibility, can be used as biological structural materials. But also has its shortcomings, such as brittleness. Therefore, research and development of new functional ceramics is an important field in material science.

New ceramic materials are a new type of material. Traditional ceramics mainly use natural rock, minerals, clay and other materials as raw materials. Functional Ceramics The new ceramic is the use of synthetic high-purity inorganic compounds as raw materials, under strict control conditions by molding, sintering and other processing and made with fine crystalline structure of inorganic materials. It has a series of superior physical, Functional Ceramics chemical and biological properties, its scope of application is far from the traditional ceramic can not be compared, such ceramics are also known as special ceramics or fine ceramics.

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