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Hard Alloy Good Foundation

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

The status of China's cemented carbide industry China's carbide industry 50 years from scratch, Hard Alloy continue to develop, and achieved great results, Hard Alloy but the overall level of technology and the world's advanced level compared to the gap is still great.

(L) Carbide production: At present, China has about more than 160 cemented carbide production plant (point). In 2001 the country's total output of cemented carbide has exceeded 10000t, Hard Alloy ranking first in the world, is worthy of the cemented carbide production power.

(2) Carbide export volume: Carbide exports from the sixties and seventies of less than 100t / a, to today's 1 200t / a or so, accounting for about 20% of the world's cement market liquidity The Foreign exchange earnings from less than $ 4 million / a, to the current 40 million US dollars / a or more.

(3) the production of basic varieties: involving the use of metal cutting, Hard Alloy mining, Hard Alloy drawing die, wear-resistant parts and other fields, and some deep-processing products can produce. (4) equipment and technology continue to improve: through continuous scientific research, as well as the introduction of technology digestion and absorption, carbide production process of efficient ball mill, Hard Alloy spray drying granulation, Hard Alloy high-precision presses, vacuum sintering, pressure sintering, grinding Coating and a series of advanced equipment and process technology in different manufacturers have different degrees of application. Zhuzhou Diamond Group Co., Ltd. Zhuzhou Diamond (Zhuzhou Diamond official website, Zhuzhou Diamond Community, Hard Alloy Zhuzhou Diamond Products List, Hard Alloy Zhuzhou Diamond Application Case) Cutting Tool Co., Ltd. CNC blade production line is in the environment, equipment, technology and quality standards And other aspects of contemporary carbide production by the advanced level of design and construction, was officially put into operation in the first quarter of 2002, Hard Alloy in order to improve product quality, develop first-class new products and laid a good foundation.

Like all walks of life, the market economy led to fierce competition in China's cemented carbide production enterprises. On the one hand, well-known foreign manufacturers have set up factories in China to CNC tool, Hard Alloy for example, the North has a Swedish subsidiary of the mountain Weifang Langfang, Hard Alloy the South has the United States Kenner metal (Kenner metal official website, Kenner metal products at a glance) Pudong new Base, the European old, some of these manufacturers have many important cities in China with hundreds of marketing points. Hard Alloy Luxembourg, South Korea, Germany, some companies have their manufacturing roll, hammer, Hard Alloy cylinder and other products sold to Chinese users cheap. The strategy of foreign companies is to firmly control the technical advantages, not transfer, Hard Alloy or even non-joint venture, focus on the possession of the Chinese market, its technical capital, business philosophy, Hard Alloy market experience are significantly better than Chinese enterprises, to China's high-grade carbide products Development brought great pressure. At the same time, Hard Alloy competition among domestic enterprises intensified, while some enterprises bankruptcy was eliminated, Hard Alloy and some private, joint-stock enterprises, Hard Alloy are constantly in the field of carbide applications to find their own development space, strengths and weaknesses, grow and develop. Hard Alloy From the positive side can be expected, as long as the correct situation, Hard Alloy this competitive landscape will promote China's carbide industry continue to move forward.

China has joined the WTO, the cement industry and other industries, will enjoy the multilateral trading system under the framework of the rights of the agreement at the same time, Hard Alloy to fulfill the corresponding obligations. Enterprises are the main body of market competition, China's cemented carbide companies will directly face the global market and international well-known multinational companies to compete, Hard Alloy which for the majority of cemented carbide enterprises, both facing a new development opportunities, but also face a new Big challenge.

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