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High alumina ceramic ball can be a wear-resistant hammer

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

Alumina ball can become resistant ceramic with a hammer, It sounds do not fly it, but afraid you do not, you Pa Moren think. Usually high alumina balls are used as a polishing, mostly with the ball, alumina balls with high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance, heavy, small size, high temperature, corrosion, pollution and other outstanding features was used in ceramic, enamel, glass, thick hard material finishing and processing of chemical factories.
     Small diameter aluminum ball like 0.5,1,2mm can add glue, paint and composite products made of rubber in increased wear coefficient, this product has been very popular in foreign countries, in the country still belongs to the forefront of product, the composite product quality requirements for aluminum ball quite strict.
     70mm diameter aluminum ball over the amount of users is relatively small, common in large pieces of ore crushing, because the density is high alumina ball 3.6g / cm3, is half of the ball, so the grinding efficiency is lower than the ball, but some products require iron-free, so customers can choose a larger aluminum ball, or pre-crushing moment, breaking into a 10cm below the ore.
      Customers now have started a new invention, in the middle of the opening of the ball, and then made to replace the hammer hammer crusher, crusher understand people know that this hammer is a consumable item, wear particularly large, no longer need to be replaced, time-consuming. Alumina ball hardness is relatively large, Mohs hardness of nine, nobody thought about doing ball before processing, the results of this customer success 70mm aluminum ball in open hole, and particularly easy to use. Customers now plans to do more hammer, we sent a sample to customers 90mm, and expect him to experiment is successful, so much the market would like a new product - high alumina wear-resistant ceramic ball breaker.

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