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How high alumina ball match, in order to achieve the desired grinding effect

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

Anhui recently a new customer on a ball mill grinding feldspar, diameter 2.4m, length 6.3m ,, inlaid cylinder liner with high alumina and ends, feed particle size of 10mm with a sieve sieve does not exceed 2% , the material particle size of 60 mesh, normal working conditions for wet grinding, polishing aluminum ball that is asked Cadogan small amount, the ratio of how?
     Taking into account the customer feed particle size is relatively large, recommends that customers be appropriate to add some more big aluminum ball, such as 90mm or more in a single weight up to 1.4KG, can improve grinding efficiency. Previously used to replace conventional aluminum ball manganese steel ball is mainly bad manganese removal, time can not be used to remove impurities such, but the main ingredient is high alumina ball alumina, non-polluting materials to the finished product, but only the density of high alumina ball half of the ball, the grinding efficiency under the same conditions is lower than the ball, so the ball should be appropriate to increase the specifications. Alumina ball diameter of the press and kiln firing temperature after more than 80mm have higher requirements, the press was pressure to increase the number of geometric plot, so now the company is making use of such a wet ball handmade, will ball single into a mold, press in the water can reach thousands of tons of pressure, and then hand out, firing molding, burn time should be extended accordingly.
      Customers coarse particle size of the material, the smallest ball available 40 balls, and then sequentially incremented with high alumina ball when try not to leapfrog increase, specifications differ too much, one to grind is not sufficient, two small balls to wear by large lot.

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