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List All Advanced Ceramic Materials

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2017

List all advanced ceramic materials

Structural ceramics

Structural ceramics are: cutting tools, molds, wear-resistant parts, pump and valve components, engine components, heat exchangers and armor. The main material of silicon nitride (Si3N4), silicon carbide, zirconia (SiC) two (ZrO2) (B4C), boron carbide, titanium diboride (TiB2), alumina (A12O3) and Barcelona (Sialon) etc..

(1) Si3N4 based ceramic materials

C fiber reinforced Si3N4 based ceramic material, with ZrO2's disguised effect, prevents the crack due to the mismatch between the thermal expansion coefficient of the fiber and the matrix, and the fracture toughness of the resulting composite increases by 5 times. Silicon nitride ceramic cutting tool has become a most potential application of high performance ceramics. With its excellent performance and rich resources, about 140 tons of silicon nitride powder manufacturing tool for every year, worth about $300 million.

(2) SiC Based Ceramics

The silicon carbide ceramics prepared by hot pressing process can be close to the theoretical density, and the bending strength can reach 500 ~ 600MPa even at a high temperature of about 1400 DEG C. The reinforcing silicon carbide composite reinforced by C fiber with CVI method has a strength of 520MPa and a fracture toughness of 16.5MPa. M. If the SiC particle is added into 25vol%TiB, if the particle size is controlled strictly, the strength can reach 888MPa, and the breaking strength can reach 8.8MPa. M. Can be said that silicon carbide is the highest strength of materials in high temperature air, its thermal conductivity after beryllia ceramics. Many enterprises in China produce silicon carbide powder, a large part of which exports, but mostly low grade silicon carbide powder used for making refractory bricks. Eastern Europe has an annual production capacity of 150 thousand tons / year, with production in North America at 100 thousand tons / year. High purity and high activity SiC powders are priced at $14-40 / kg, with an annual demand of about $15 million. This powder is used in the manufacture of high-performance SiC ceramics.

(3) zirconia toughened ceramics

Zirconia toughened ceramics made significant progress in structural ceramics research, after toughened ceramic of many varieties, it is now known to stable zirconium oxide additives are: composite oxide Magnesium Oxide, calcium oxide, lanthanum oxide, yttrium oxide, cerium oxide and other single or their. The toughened material, in addition to the stable zirconia, also has alumina, thorium oxide, spinel, mullite and other oxide ceramics. The strength of the material is 1200MPa and the fracture toughness is 15.0MPa.m by adding 16vol% zirconia in the alumina. Zirconia toughened ceramic material has the highest strength and fracture toughness at room temperature, and will focus on improving its high temperature performance in the future.

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