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Status and Problems of China's ceramic industry

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

Since the reform and opening up, China's ceramic industry as the economic recovery has been rapid development, has now truly become the world's largest producer of ceramics, consumer. China produced ceramics for daily production accounts for about 70% of the world, furnishings art ceramics production is 65% of the world, building ceramics production also accounted for half of the world total. Cheap labor costs and resources to make the competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and products continue to enhance China's status in the international ceramics market continues to increase.
While growing industry, the coexistence of overcapacity, excessive exploitation of mineral resources, environmental pollution and other issues, mainly in the following aspects:

(A) uneven distribution industry, producing uneven development, production and marketing imbalances

Industry production has obvious regional, mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Shandong, Fujian and other provinces. These areas, ceramic industry base, complete system, affecting a wide area, providing numerous employment opportunities, a local traditional pillar industries, in order to make a significant contribution to local economic development. There has also been part of the regional phenomenon of excessive concentration of ceramic enterprises, as companies continue to expand, expanding production lines, total production continued to expand, causing serious excess capacity, supply and demand out of balance, the region also caused serious pollution, resource depletion problems faced. The northwest, northeast, Inner Mongolia and other regions, limited overall economic level, although there are advantages in resources, but the overall level of backwardness ceramic industry can develop a huge space.

(B) serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption, clay resource overexploitation

Ceramic industry itself is a high energy consumption, high pollution industries, the production process consumes a lot of mineral resources and energy, produced gas, waste water, waste residues, dust, etc., causing serious pollution to the environment. In some ceramics industry-intensive, economically developed areas, ceramic industry for air, land and other environmental pollution phenomenon is particularly serious. China's major ceramics production base - Foshan, Guangdong province, one year more than 40 million tons of ceramic raw materials consumption, average consumption of 120,000 tons per day emissions of various pollutants is quite amazing. Many local non-renewable mineral resources over-exploitation, which greatly damaged the ecological environment, recycling waste recycling ceramic base in a blank state. This situation not only lead to domestic mineral resources, energy over-consumption, but also hindered the sustainable development of China's ceramic industry.

In recent years, with the whole community awareness of environmental protection, the Chinese government issued a series of policies and measures to increase energy saving, emission reduction efforts, local governments also develop appropriate laws, regulations, pollution remediation industry, ceramic industry is facing resources, energy and challenges of environmental issues.

(C) low industry profit level, the product of serious low-quality

Although China is a ceramic producing countries, is not a powerhouse. Products to middle and low, low added value in the international market price is not high. Ceramic overcapacity, oversupply, companies compete for market, compete to lower prices, industry profit level continues to drop. Enterprises lack the capability of independent innovation, product homogeneity serious, international market less competitive. Chinese ceramics from the "Made in China" to "Created in China" breakthrough, from ceramics to become ceramic power big country, we must improve product quality, the adjustment of product structure, emphasis on product innovation.

In the context of today's global economy, facing severe international financial crisis, how to get the maximum economic benefits, but also the rational use of resources, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollution to the environment, so that the industry sustainable development, is the ceramic industry need to solve the problem.

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