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Stone uses alumina ball

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

Users alumina ceramic ball stone plant-based, there are data show that the use of pebbles (natural stone ball) + 10% alumina ball stone (φ35MM) grinding mud, compared to only pebbles, can shorten the grinding time 15% ; using aluminum ball + 30% alumina balls (φ35MM) grinding mud, compared to only aluminum ball, grinding time can be shortened by about 30 percent, down purely to save electricity, roughly two years to be able to because of the use Alumina ball and higher costs, "province" back. Individual manufacturers report shows that all the balls instead of the original natural stone with high alumina ball, yield is about 3 times the original. Materials with high alumina grinding ball, not only can save electricity, increase production, and improve the efficiency of machinery, mechanical equipment has a great protection.
         In addition to the ceramic industry, quartz, chemical and other industries also have to try to use the stone for the production of alumina balls. Which is mainly used in the production of quartz silica powder plant, proved, as the production of 325 mesh silica powder, substitute quartz ball milling with alumina balls, can significantly improve the yield and quality of products, such as brightness, uniformity, etc., but because of the loss rate no quartz ball quickly, we save a ball stone added cost of manpower and time.

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