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Structural Ceramics Material

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 11, 2017

Machinable ceramics, which are defined as: can be used for metal processing tools and equipment for drilling, turning, milling, tapping and other processing and access to precision size ceramic materials.

 I can produce ceramic porcelain MACRE ㊣ is a polycrystalline composite material, is the synthesis of mica microcrystalline crystal phase of the main crystal glass. The material, also known as glass-ceramic. This material is white and dense. The amount of microcrystalline is more than 50% of the total volume and the microcrystalline particles are between 5 and 20. It is a new material that appeared in the 1970s, with a range of excellent features that have a wide range of uses. Machinable ceramics have high mechanical strength, excellent dielectric properties and thermal properties, and good chemical stability. The most prominent feature of the workable ceramics is good machinability. It can use a common metal processing equipment for cars, milling, planing, sawing, grinding, cutting, tapping and other complex shapes into a variety of parts, and can achieve a very high processing accuracy. No special tools and equipment are required.

  Machinable ceramic materials have excellent electrical insulation properties (electric shock to 40KV / A per millimeter), high mechanical strength, resistance to rapid cooling (resistance to zero 200 degrees to 800 degrees rapid quenching, welding fixture, optical Glass molding molds and other aspects of widely used). Its corrosion resistance is also superior to ordinary ceramics, its excellent corrosion resistance to its application in various chemical equipment, the relative polytetrafluoroethylene, it is more resistant to corrosion, no aging, long service life. Machinable ceramic vacuum degassing rate is very low (widely used in various types of vacuum equipment, photovoltaic vacuum coating equipment, etc.), and other ceramic processing in the electromagnetic performance is excellent, is now on a large scale for various types of coil skeleton, the typical application Missile gyroscope instrument coil skeleton, our company has provided various types of missile gyroscope coil skeleton for more than 10 years. Access to a number of military units praise.

  Machinable ceramics is the most prominent feature of its machinability, to meet the high-precision technical requirements, without a mold, direct processing molding, greatly reducing the design and processing cycle. Machinable ceramics can be used in a variety of applications need to shape complex, high precision requirements, forming difficult, (such as various ceramic thin wall, ceramic thread, etc.) of the structure of ceramic pieces of the occasion.

  Our company can provide you with a variety of specifications of the stock of wool material (bar, sheet, block, etc.), you can directly purchase wool material, with existing equipment like processing metal processing into the required ceramic parts, and the other We also provide plans to map processing services, our company with a number of CNC lathes, surface grinder, processing center, short delivery cycle.

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