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Wear-resistant ceramic tight supply

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 26, 2014

From 2014 through the beginning of the year, wear-resistant ceramic chip user gradually increased up, our company has 10 * 10 models, this is not available to other plants. Because of this wear-resistant ceramic pieces, small size, low pressure every time efficiency, burning part will be deformed when you can not use, so the cost is also high, with the latter need to find large numbers of workers and paste, many factories think this thankless job so slowly canceled this model, but the market demand is not to go with the factory production, demand determines production, when a large demand surge to my company, supply becomes somewhat nervous.
      While the small size wearable ceramic construction slower, but must be used in some special occasions, such as separator, magnetic separator, etc., will not exceed the thickness of 6mm, although a small amount of a single machine, but more than the number of machines the the number of ceramic pieces are also very impressive. Recently the company decided on two presses to address urgent needs in short supply, and now only a small amount of wear-resistant ceramic models are in stock and can not meet customer needs.
      When wearable ceramic wear-resistant ceramic construction of the need to use glue. Glue can be divided into three rank or grade, glue on the market quite a mixed bag, what price are, but the bonding strength and toughness is different, very different. My company after years of testing, has been selected for a variety of working conditions of wear-resistant ceramic glue to prepare for customer use.

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