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What Are The Production Processes Of Zirconia Ceramics?

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

What are the production processes of zirconia ceramics?


Zirconia ceramics are formed by dry pressing, isostatic pressing, grouting, hot pressing, casting, injection molding, plastic extrusion, colloidal solidification and so on. The most widely used are injection molding and dry pressing.

(1) grouting forming

The forming process of injection molding including physical dehydration process and chemical coagulation process, physical dehydration by capillary porous plaster mold removing slurry water, chemical coagulation process is dissolved because generated in the plaster mold surface CaSO4 Ca2+ ions in the slurry increased strength, flocculation caused by slurry. Under the influence of physical dehydration and chemical coagulation, the ceramic powder particles are deposited on the gypsum mold wall. Grouting is suitable for the preparation of large and complex ceramic components, but the quality of the body, including the shape, density, strength and so on are poor, workers labor intensity is large, and is not suitable for automatic operation.

(2) hot pressing molding

Hot pressing molding is at a higher temperature (60~100 DEG C) of the ceramic powder and binder (Paraffin) mixed slurry obtained hot die casting slurry, under the action of compressed air into the metal mold, cooling, demoulding to obtain the wax wax billet, billet in inert powder under the protection of the blank is obtained after dewaxing the biscuit, followed by high temperature sintering. Hot pressing molding by precise size, uniform internal structure, smaller die wear, high production efficiency, suitable for all kinds of raw materials. The temperature of wax slurry and mold should be strictly controlled, otherwise it will cause incomplete injection or deformation. Therefore, it is not suitable for making large parts. Meanwhile, the two step sintering process is more complex and has higher energy consumption.

(3) tape casting

Is the tape casting of ceramic powder and the amount of organic binder, plasticizer and dispersant mixed sufficiently thick slurry can flow from the hopper, the slurry to casting machine, knife control thickness, via the feeding nozzle to the conveyor belt outflow, drying to obtain the blank film. This process is suitable for the preparation of thin film materials, in order to obtain better flexibility and added a lot of organic matter, strict control of process parameters, otherwise easily lead to skin, stripes, thin film of low strength or not easy peeling defects. The organic substances used are toxic and can cause environmental pollution. As much as possible, a system of non-toxic or less toxic substances should be adopted to reduce environmental pollution. [1]


In addition to the dry pressure molding technology based, other molding products are degreasing treatment before discharging into the furnace for sintering, in addition to other dry pressing process of plasticizer on the outside of the molding adding a certain proportion in the zirconium powder, the plasticizer in moulding must be removed, otherwise it will the impact on the quality of sintering products seriously. Plasticizers are mainly made of paraffin wax and other high polymer materials. These materials are required to exhibit good plasticity and fluidity at a certain temperature and have certain toughness and strength at normal temperature.


Zirconium oxide ceramic sintering furnace

Zirconium oxide ceramic sintering furnace (2 pieces)

Sintering method of zirconium oxide ceramic can be used are: 1 the pressureless sintering, hot pressing sintering and reaction sintering, sintering, hot isostatic pressing (HIP), the microwave sintering, the ultra high pressure sintering, spark plasma sintering (SPS), in situ compression molding, sintering etc.. Often 

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