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What Is A Single Crystal

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Apr 22, 2017

What is a single crystal

Single crystals are contained in the sample molecules (atoms or ions) are rules, arranged periodically in a solid state [1] in three-dimensional space. The raw materials of chemical drugs (usually composed of a single component) in the appropriate solvent system can be obtained by recrystallization X single crystal samples, the size of about 0.5mm. For example: snow, salt, small particles, etc.. Single crystal is an important material in semiconductor science and technology.

Solid matter is divided into crystal and non crystal. Crystals are divided into single crystals and polycrystals.

Crystal: crystal (crystal) has three features: the crystal has certain geometric shape; the crystal has a fixed melting point; characteristics of the crystal anisotropy.

Single crystal is the atomic arrangement of the same rule, consistent with the crystal lattice. For example: monocrystalline silicon. ,

A single crystal consisting of a single crystal, or a crystal that can be run through a whole crystal.

Multi crystal is composed of many arranged in the same way but the orientation of inconsistent small grain composition. Commonly used metal.

The whole crystal consists of a large number of grains, or can not be a space lattice pattern throughout the crystal.

A single crystal has three features.

Multi crystal has the first two characteristics, but has the characteristics of isotropy.

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