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What's The Sintering Equipment For Alumina Ceramics​

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

What's the sintering equipment for alumina ceramics?

Studio size: 13720 /280x2 long, /450 wide, high (including push panel)

Push plate size: 240L/270W/40H/mm material: super pressure mullite (DGM90)

Rated power: about 210KW

Constant temperature power: about 130KW (affected by product weight, temperature, speed of propulsion) for reference

Rated working temperature in high temperature zone: 1400

Temperature control points: 10 points

Instrument temperature control accuracy: + 2 DEG C (steady state).

The furnace side wall surface temperature rise is not higher than 55 DEG (the center of the outer surface decorative board position).

Propulsion speed: 500 ~ 1500mm/h (continuous adjustable)

Holding time: 5h (controlled by propulsion speed, propulsion speed: 980mm/h)

Main propulsion thrust: 3T

Working power: 3 phase, 4 lines, 380V

Maximum size of the kiln: about 16000L/1800W/1700H mm

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