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Zirconia Ceramic Structural Parts

Hangzhou JWG Technology Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

How to detect oxygen content? Here is a new type of oxygen content analyzer, its structure is simple. Good qualitative. High sensitivity and fast and cheap, it is zirconia oxygen analyzer, the past few years has been recognized by the industry, is currently more Extensive application.

Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer works: it is based on electrochemical concentration of the principle of his design. Zirconia is a solid electrolyte at high temperature only the characteristics of the transmission of oxygen ions, zirconia on both sides of the porous platinum electrode, one of the platinum electrode with the known oxygen content of the gas (such as air) in full contact with another platinum The electrode is in full contact with the oxygen gas to be side. When the oxygen concentration on both sides of the gas is different, the high concentration of oxygen molecules from the platinum electrode to obtain electrons into oxygen ions, the platinum electrode into the battery cathode.

Oxygen ions through the zirconia dielectric to reach the low side of the loss of electrons to the platinum electrode, into oxygen so that the platinum electrode into the battery anode. Thereby forming a concentration of zirconia as the electrolyte of the battery, the two plates will produce electromotive force. It can be seen from the experiment that when the zirconia is heated to a certain temperature, the logarithm of the ratio of the measured gas to the oxygen concentration in the reference gas is proportional to the electromotive force between the plates. As long as the measured electromotive force size, we can see the measured oxygen content of the gas.

Note the following matters: In order to avoid the impact of the wrong tube led to broken or broken pipe, can not use large flow, the flow is generally recommended to set 500mL / min. With the gradual leak detection method to check the air tightness to determine whether the leak or broken tube rupture, remove the movement check the wrong tube has a three-way connector, prone to leakage there are two: one for the flow meter leak; another For the oxidation of lead pipe. First access to trace gas, so that the flow of the rotor rose to the top full scale, and then blocked the flow meter outlet. If the flow does not come under the rotor, then the flow meter leak. If you block the instrument out of the rotor does not come, then the wrong tube rupture.

In addition to the oxygen purity of oxygen products can be analyzed by zirconia oxygen analyzer, trace oxygen in high purity hydrogen and high purity nitrogen can also be analyzed. Only need to be based on the amount of oxygen in the gas and the analyzer transferred to the appropriate range of grades can be. For hydrogen analysis, the flow meter is read on the left; for nitrogen analysis, the flow meter is read on the right. For the analysis of high purity hydrogen or high purity nitrogen, if the range on the minimum block and the pointer or has been docked on the left, indicating that the gas has a reducing gas, should try to remove, otherwise it can not be determined.

What is zirconia ceramic structural parts?

1, first to explain the next, zirconia ceramic structural parts, the introduction of functional ceramics:

Its excellent high temperature performance as an induction heating tube, refractory material, heating element used. Zirconia ceramic structural parts with sensitive electrical properties, mainly used in oxygen sensors, solid oxide fuel cells and high temperature heating body and other fields. In addition, zirconia in thermal barrier coating, health care, refractory materials and other fields are being widely used

2, followed by the next, zirconia ceramic structural parts, in the structural ceramics of the introduction:

As the zirconia ceramic structural parts with high toughness, high flexural strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation properties, thermal expansion coefficient close to the advantages of steel, it is widely used in the field of structural ceramics: zirconia ceramic grinding ball, oxidation Zirconia ceramic nozzle, zirconia ceramic ball valve, mini fan shaft, fiber optic pin, drawing die and cutting tools, wear-resistant tools, golf ball light bat and other wear-resistant parts at room temperature.

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